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cara Print 4.0 - Benefits at a glance

  • Most appliances printed in less than an hour
  • Meets all accuracy requirements for polymer-based appliances
  • Lowers cost and processing time
  • Prints multiple restorations simultaneously
  • Digital Light Projection (DLP)
  • Long-lasting resin tray

Why Digital Light Projection (DLP)?

What sets our 3D-printer apart from the competition? Watch the video to see why the digital light projection (DLP) system in cara Print 4.0 is far superior to 3D-laserprinting. Furthermore, the technology used in our 3D-printer makes it faster and more efficient than most other 3D-DLP printers.

Applications / indications of cara Print 4.0 + dima Print materials:

  • dima Print Ortho (dental splints)
  • dima Print Impression blue (individualized impression trays)
  • dima Print Guide (surgical guides)
  • dima Print Model (dental models)
  • dima Print Cast (CAD to Cast structures)



cara Print 4.0