Intraoral repairs with iBOND Universal from Kulzer Intraoral repairs with iBOND Universal from Kulzer

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Repairs help preserve sound tooth structure and prove to be a safe and effective procedure that can save time and money with relatively minor effort. iBOND Universal is ideal for intraoral repairs.

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Why is iBOND Universal so ideal for intraoral repairs?

  • Preserve sound tooth tissue
  • Just one bottle for most materials
  • No need to apply hazardous hydrofluoric acid
  • Minimally-invasive and cost-effective solution

The intelligent formula of iBOND Universal contains MDP and provides instant and reliable bond strength. Scientists from Europe and Japan have cooperated in order to equip our clients with a bonding that combines the best of two worlds. The different components interact to allow effective etching, good penetration into the dentinal tubules, durable and consistent bond strength as well as optimal bonding to ceramic, metal and tooth surface.

Why are repairs preferable to replacements?

Localised restoration defects, such as fractures and chippings, often still result in the replacement of the total restoration. Yet, recent clinical studies show that repairs are a state-of-the-art treatment of localised restoration defects.

They help preserve sound tooth tissue and prolong the restoration lifecycle, as every replacement destroys more sound tooth structure.

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