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The exciting new tooth line

Delara is designed to make the hearts of dental technicians beat faster! Just like a first date.

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Everybody’s Delara

  • Lifelike aesthetics
  • One toothline for all indications
  • Easy handling & predictable results
  • Unique layering structure
  • Attractive performance-price ratio
  • Minimal processing & grinding

Have your blind date with Delara!

You have to see it to believe it. We are convinced that when you see Delara’s lively surface structure for yourself, you’ll understand the incredible value for money this tooth line has to offer.

The heartbeat of your practice.

Our aesthetically beautiful new tooth line offers easy processing, a lively surface structure and great value for money. Delara is the perfect all-round prosthetic toothline for everyday use.

Great feedback.

“When I tried Delara teeth on patients, I was impressed! The teeth looked modern and beautiful! They surpass every comparable tooth line. Delara offers two great advantages: handling security and aesthetics. The basal design of Delara allows for easy set-up without much grinding.”

Ilkka Garaisi, Denturist (Clinical dental technician)

Advantages of Delara:

  • Easy and reliable: the polishing buffer, basal grinding reserve and optimized incisal edge simplify the resizing process.
  • Flexibility: full range of shades and anatomical forms – process-optimized for all indications and set-up options.
  • Aesthetics: modern shading, a vivid surface structure and dynamic light refraction for youthful appearance.
  • Value for money: high quality that is normally only available in higher price categories.

That’s the beauty of Delara!

One prosthetic tooth line for all indications.
Meets all modern demands of patients and technicians.
Very attractive performance-price ratio.

That’s the beauty of Delara!

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