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Let your talent shine on metal frames – Experience the Light Booster.
Outstanding aesthetic results on metal ceramics – with a ceramic that makes it easier than ever before. HeraCeram Saphir helps you reach new heights on metal frames with “Light Booster” technology, an incredible Paste Opaque, easy handling and the proven Stabilised Leucite Structure (SLS).

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  • New Light Booster Technology: Authentic look and true opalescence on metal frames
  • Opalescent effect remains highly stable through multiple firings
  • Stabilised Leucite Structure (SLS) prevents uncontrolled CTE growth & reduces firing times
  • New Paste Opaque: Impressive masking power in extremely thin layers of 60-100 μm
  • Easy upgrade to next level aesthetics
  • Extensive support for quick learning of master level techniques

Thomas Backscheider, Dental Technician, Germany

“This new powder Saphir is the next step for us technicians, the step into the “Light Booster” world. I’ve never seen a ceramic with this opalescence before. And the Opaque is a game changer. Very fast to apply and a perfect covering of the metal framework.”

Rüdiger Neugebauer, Dental Technician, Portugal

“It’s incredible that we can achieve such light dynamic effects on metal frames. If you want something different that sets you apart from all of the other ceramists out there, do yourself a favour. Start using HeraCeram Saphir. I did not know that a metal ceramic could look this good.”

Unprecedented natural aesthetics on metal frames.

The main secret to the ceramic’s next level aesthetics lies in the Light Booster – a new glass-ceramic system that sets lifelike opalescence free throughout the ceramic. This new feature, which never fades after firing, helps restorations come closer than ever to the opalescence of real teeth. The ceramic also includes an all new Paste Opaque that ensures enhanced bonding and masking, yet requires less time for application, due to reduced firing cycles, and creates a little more space for aesthetic layering. With HeraCeram Saphir, ceramic veneering has never been easier – and it’s never looked so good.

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Paul Fiechter, Master Dental Technician, Switzerland

“The Light Booster interacts with changing lighting conditions and produces a natural and lively interplay of colours. The joy comes when you see the finished restoration. The light boosting effect of the new HeraCeram Saphir has to be seen to be believed. If you want to create a masterpiece, I would fully recommend this material.”

Optically perfect – What is the Light Booster?

The greatest challenge in metal ceramic restorations is to achieve natural looking aesthetics and opalescence on opaque metal frames. With the new HeraCeram Saphir, this is now particularly easy to achieve. The reason: the Light Booster technology. "Light Boosters" are highly dispersed, light enhancing crystals in a glass ceramic system that effects internal light refraction to produce an opalescent effect that corresponds to the natural enamel. These crystals, which are formed during sintering, are transparent to semi-transparent and produce a double colouration (blue/amber) known as opalescence. Due to the stable chemical structure, the aesthetic effect of the material is also highly stable, even after multiple firings. As a result, the opalescence and naturalness of the ceramic will remain unaffected by all processing conditions. It’s an effect you simply have to see for yourself.

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Björn Maier, Master Dental Technician, Germany

“As soon as you use the Paste Opaque, it becomes immediately apparent that Saphir is an outstanding product. One application is enough to cover the whole framework. From my point of view, it’s the best on the market – a true USP.”

In a technical contribution in the “Quintessenz ZT” 06/19 Master CDT Björn Maier demostrates the process of fabricating nature-like restorations using HeraCeram Saphir.

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Technically perfect – The incredible Paste Opaque

HeraCeram Saphir comes equipped with a unique Paste Opaque that offers impressive masking power in extremely thin layers (60-100 μm). Through enhanced masking and bonding properties, the new opaque is truly unique and extremely easy to work with. It can be applied much more quickly, while using fewer layers than with conventional opaque materials. This not only saves you time, it wins you a little more space to work with.

Spiros Chatzigeorgiou, CDT, Greece

"My collaborators, dentists trust me with their patients’ smiles because I can create a natural result. With this unique material, Saphir, I am allowed to use all my skills to cover even the most demanding case with naturalness. The best thing is that I can achieve this result fast, easily and with absolute safety."

Simply perfect – Full ceramic range for natural-looking restorations. Always.

HeraCeram Saphir was designed for very easy application that supports every aesthetic need and all levels of proficiency – for everyday restorations to unique masterpieces. The full range of HeraCeram ceramics deliver identical optical and technical properties. That means easy, reliable and time saving processing with optimised aesthetic results. All components within the HeraCeram range are ideally matched to their specific framework material.

With HeraCeram Zirkonia 750 (for zirconia and lithium disilicate frameworks) and HeraCeram Saphir (for traditional metal bonding alloys in a CTE range from 13.5 to 14.9 μm/mK), Kulzer provides dental technicians with an optimally matched high-tech veneering system for metal ceramic and all-ceramic restorations.

Overview of HeraCeram Saphir:

  • Auhtentic look and true opalescence on metal
  • Aesthetics unaffected by multiple firings
  • Easy handling & next-level aesthetics
  • Better bonding on all alloys
  • New Paste Opaque: Impressive masking in thin layers (60-100µm)
  • Stable CTE values and no chipping
  • Maximum stress resistance with Stabilised Leucite Structure (SLS)
  • Shorter firing times

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