GLUMA® Bond5
GLUMA® Bond5

GLUMA® Bond5

Two steps, one bottle, no preparation time


Good to know

High bond strength
Drop control




High bond strength

Source: R&D Kulzer, Wehrheim, Germany. Internal data. Data on file.

GLUMA Bond5 layer

Adhesive layer green marked. Due to its optimized consistency, GLUMA Bond5 forms a homogenous layer – even on a microscopal scale.
Source: R&D Kulzer, Wehrheim.


What is meant by total-etch?

How many applications can be performed with a 4 ml bottle of GLUMA Bond5?

What is meant by wet/moist bonding?

Can a bottle of GLUMA Bond5 be kept outside the fridge?

What is the processing time of GLUMA Bond5?

How long can GLUMA Bond5 be used after opening?

Is it necessary to subsequently rub in the applied layer of GLUMA 2Bond?

Should GLUMA Bond5 be used on uncut enamel surfaces?

Should GLUMA Bond5 be used on sclerotically modified dentine?

Is it possible to use another applicator?

Why is GLUMA Bond5 simple in handling and application?

GLUMA Bond5 as a material for direct capping?


Instructions for use


  • GLUMA® Bond Universal

    GLUMA® Bond Universal

    Based on our long-term bonding expertise, we developed GLUMA Bond Universal – a universal bonding answering to all your bonding needs. It is a reliable and highly effective adhesive that ensures successful long-term restorations.

  • Charisma® Classic

    Charisma® Classic

    Charisma Classic is ideal for easy single-shade layering techniques. The Microglass II effect provides convenient shade selection and match. Its creamy consistency allows for easy and fast modelling.

  • GLUMA® Etch 35 Gel

    GLUMA® Etch 35 Gel

    GLUMA Etch Gel is an etching agent based on orthophosphoric acid. It is used to etch enamel and condition dentine in the context of adhesive filling therapy.