HeraCeram® Saphir
HeraCeram® Saphir

HeraCeram® Saphir

Let your talent shine on metal frames.

Let your talent shine…

…on metal frames. Experience the new Light Booster Technology.

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HeraCeram Saphir metal ceramic


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Application: Step-by-Step Videos, Image Gallery & PDF Guides

Video Tutorial - HeraCeram Saphir Everyday layering

Video Tutorial - HeraCeram Saphir Personalised Application

Video Tutorial - How to work with HeraCeram Saphir, Matrix layering (EN)

Video Tutorial - HeraCeram Saphir Ceramic Margin



  • Ceramic Liquids

    Ceramic Liquids

    Our ceramic liquids give the ceramic compounds the desired consistency for optimal processing properties during layering, modelling and painting.

  • Brushes


    The right tool is a prerequisite for ergonomic work. Our brushes are matched to the respective processing steps.

  • Shade Guide

    Shade Guide

    Appropriate preview of the colour results: Our shade guides are made from the original ceramics and show the expected colour as per ceramic firing so that there are no surprises.



Instructions for use


  • HeraCeram® Stains universal

    HeraCeram® Stains universal

    HeraCeram Stains universal as ready-to-use pastes or as powders, are stains for all ceramic lines from Kulzer.

  • HeraCeram® Zirkonia 750

    HeraCeram® Zirkonia 750

    HeraCeram Zirkonia 750 is designed as one ceramic for veneering of every type of zirconia and lithium disilicate restoration (CTE of 9,7–11,0μm/m·K).

  • Austromat 624

    Austromat 624

    The Austromat 624 is your device of choice when you exclusively want to fire veneering ceramics.

  • HeraCeram® NP-Primer

    HeraCeram® NP-Primer

    For processing HeraCeram and HeraCeramSun on NPM alloys.