Starlight pro
Starlight pro

Starlight pro

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Starlight pro lightguide 8mm 45° 70°

Starlight pro lightguide Ø 8mm 45°/ 70°

Starlight pro hand piece lightguide 8mm 45°

Starlight pro hand piece lightguide Ø 8mm 45°

Starlight pro hand piece lightguide 8mm 70°

Starlight pro hand piece lightguide Ø 8mm 70°


Technical Specification Starlight pro

Power Density 1400mW/cm² (measured with Cure Rite)
Dominant wave length 440-465 nm
Demension charging unit 96x120x58 mm (LxWxH)
Demension hand piece L 190 mm, Ø max 23 mm
Weight Charging unit 555 g, hand piece 105 g
Power Supply (charging unit) 100-230 V(AC), 50/60 Hz, 15 VA
Power Supply (hand piece) Rechargeable lithium-ion-battery 3.6V/2000mAh
Light Source High power LED with optic
Light guide Ø 8mm, 45°

Order information

Order Information Starlight pro

Product Art.-Nr Article
Hand piece incl. rechargeable battery, 8 mm light guide 45°,
glare shield, charging unit, power supply
Starlight pro 66096829
Starlight pro – US 66096830
Starlight pro – UK 66096848
Light guide, 8 mm, 45° 66096929
Light guide, 8 mm, 70° 66057365
Glare shield, orange 66016455
Power cable - 230V 66097171
Power cable - UK 66097172
Power cable - US 66097173
Hand piece incl. rechargeable battery 66097169
Charger unit 66097170

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