Venus® Flow
Venus® Flow

Venus® Flow

Simply beautiful. Simply Venus.


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Venus Flow case, Before. Picture 1


Venus Flow case, Venus Flow Baseliner, Picture 2

Venus Flow Baseliner

Venus Flow case, After application, Picture 3


Venus Flow case, 4 years after application, Picture 4

Filling after 4 years


1) How should Venus Flow be classified in terms of filler technology?

2) Why is not possible to use Venus Flow in more extensive cavities or occlusally-loaded regions?

3) Can the Venus Shade Guide be used for Venus Flow?

4) Are the shades of Venus Flow composites matched to the Venus shades?

5) Are Venus Flow composites radiopaque?

6) Why is Venus Flow preferred as a cavity liner for use during composite filling therapy?

7) Is it compatible with other composites and bonding agents?

8) Can brackets also be bonded with Venus Flow?

9) What light intensity is required for polymerizing Venus Flow?

10) What is the filler content of Venus Flow?

11) What is the Venus Flow Baseliner for?


Instructions for use


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