Herador® NH - for C&B
Herador® NH - for C&B

Herador® NH - for C&B




Product details
(content in mass %)
Au 77.8
Ag 1.3
Pt 9.5
Pd 9.0
Cu 0.3
Sn 0.6
In 1.2
Ir <0.1 Mass %
Ru <0.1 Mass %
Fe 0.2
Type (Classification acc. EN ISO 22674) 4 (s/v/k)
s= self-hardening alloy after slow cooling in the mould
v= Condition after hardening
k= Bonding alloy: condition after ceramik firing
Shade White
Indication Crowns
Milling technique
Implant restorations
Article Code 1610 0000
Technical data, melting and casting
Melting range(1) Soldidus 1160 °C
Liquidus 1260 °C
Preheating temperature 900 - 950 °C(4)
Casting temperature 1410 °C
Crucible Graphite
Density(1) 17.7 g/cm³
Hardness, HV5 w/k 205
v 255
s 185
0.2% proof stress(1), MPa(2) w/k 540
v 650
Elongation(1) % w/k 9
v 7
Elastic modulus (1), GPa(2) 109
Ceramic firing
CTE 13.9
Oxide firing 880°C(1)
5 min
vacuum - no
Soft annealing ---
Processing after oxide firing Sandblasting with 125µm Aluminium Oxide
Cooling after ceramic firing
(Relexation cooling is recommended for lang span, bulky frameworks)
HeraCeram: Rapid cooling
At the end of the programm the firing platform is completely and firing tray with objects is removed emediately. The firing tray can cool next to the furnace on a fire-resistant tray.
Others: Follow the instructions of the ceramic manufacturer.
Hardening 600 °C
15 min.
Solder / Laser welding wire
Prior to Ceramic Firing
Solder Herador Lot
Herador 1100 Lot
Working temperature °C: 1100 / Solder colour: light yellow
Herador 1070 Lot
Working temperature °C: 1070 / Solder colour: white
Herador 1060 Lot
Working temperature °C: 1060 / Solder colour: yellow
Herador 1060 S Lot
Working temperature °C: 1060 / Solder colour: yellow
After Ceramic Firing
Solder Herador / Maingold Lot
Flux** Work. temp.* 800°C / Solder colour: yellow
Alloy also available as Laser welding wire
Ø 0.5 mm x 200 mm +
Ø 0.3 mm x 200 mm +

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